Hail Storm Safety

With severe storms striking throughout North Texas this week, it is important to know about the different types of dangers that can come with them. Hail storms in can pose a fairly large threat to not only our property, but to our health as well. Hail can come in all shapes and sizes, from pea-sized to softball-sized. One can assume that a softball-sized hailstone can do plenty of harm, even kill someone if struck in the head. Even pea-sized hail can create pretty nasty injuries due to gravity and strong winds. With this in mind, it is important to stay indoors and away from windows when a hailstorm passes by.

Always have a plan for when severe weather is forecasted. Make sure you put pets indoors and keep blinds and shutters closed to prevent glass shards from breaking into your house and potentially injuring someone. Even have flashlights ready as power-outages are not uncommon during severe weather. Make sure you educate your family to stay away from windows, and to go to a room with walls on all four sides to avoid any incoming debris from strong winds or window breakage. Doing all of this can prevent any harm from occurring to your family, but if something were to happen, there is no harm in having a first aid kit on deck ready in case someone gets hurt.

Keep an eye on your local weather channels and make sure you and your family are aware of any severe storms coming through your neighborhood!