International Goof Off Day

Goofing off is technically described as temporarily pushing off work to do whatever you want, whether that be relax, have fun or focus on your hobbies. Today is recognized internationally to goof off in any way you seem fit. We find it very important to take breaks and rest in between benchmarks towards whatever goals you have, so today is the perfect day to have a breather from all the hard work you’ve done for your health. If you are hard at work on a fitness plan, allow today to be a time for you to rest. If you are on a strict diet, there is no harm in having one cheat day! Incentivize yourself to work harder by rewarding your body and mind for all the hard work you’ve put in on working out, dieting or anything else you have been working especially hard on. There is no reason not to take advantage of an internationally recognized day to take a step aside for a breath of fresh air and relax for a short period of time before hopping back on your work horse!