St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! You better be wearing green today or you can expect a pinch! As today is known as a day to celebrate the Irish culture, North Texans seem to take to drinking alcohol as a way to participate in celebration. Restaurants and pubs even go as far as dyeing their drinks and food green to celebrate the festive day! While we encourage the celebration of other cultures, we think it is very important to be mindful of your health and safety as well.

There will be so many people consuming alcohol over the weekend, so be aware of your surroundings while you are out in public areas. Intoxication can lead to dangerous outcomes whether you are walking around in public, or driving on the road at the same time someone else decided to make the terrible decision to drink and drive. Keep an eye out for people making wrong decisions and do what you think is in your family’s best interest in regards to their health and safety. Though we encourage participation in festivities, we want you to be responsible as well. Know your limits and the limits of your loved ones as it is very possible for things to get out of hand while some people are having fun! We just want you to keep a good balance of precaution as well as enjoyment in the back of your mind while attending any St. Patrick’s Day events.

Have fun this weekend, wear green, and please drink responsibly!