National Artichoke Hearts Day? We just missed it!

Yesterday was National Artichoke Hearts Day! As the week is almost over, we figured we would inform you of a healthy food that is being recognized for you to come up with a possible recipe for the weekend. Artichoke hearts may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it is important to know how healthy of a snack or meal an artichoke can be for you and your family! Artichokes are basically super foods when it comes to health benefits. They can help improve liver health, bone health, heart health, digestive functions, brain functions and metabolic functions!

Though they have so many potential benefits to your wellness, as with any other food, they can potentially have negative aspects as well. As the artichoke can help prevent liver and gallbladder disease, it is not something you want to eat if you currently have issues with those organs. People may also be allergic to artichokes as well as other thistles related to them, so always be cautious if you or someone you know is allergic!

If you plan on running by the grocery store today, grab an artichoke! They can be a great healthy side to your meal tonight or the nights to come!