Hand Washing

Good hygiene is a very important part of our lives. So many people don’t actually abide by the basic fundamentals of hygiene that we are happy to inform those who could always improve. One of the most basic habits that we can think of when it comes to good hygiene is washing your hands. We are exposed to so many germs every day that can negatively affect our health. Your hands touch so many surfaces throughout the day and come into direct contact with your mouth, eyes, ears and even other people! This can be very damaging to your health and the health of others, so be sure to wash your hands after they’ve come into contact with a number of surfaces during the day. Be sure to always use water and soap, and try to get at least 30 seconds of washing in before you dry them off. Also, don’t forget to clean under your nails while you wash! They can capture a lot of dirt and bacteria over time!

For children, try to come up with a way to make hand washing seem like a fun activity. A good rule of thumb to teach children is to sing the Happy Birthday song to themselves while they wash their hands. Once the song is over, they’ll know it is okay to dry off. This adds a little goofy fun for the kids to sing and also serves as a timer for them to wash properly. You can always add your own little version for them to have fun, so mix it up!