Women’s Appreciation

Yesterday we recognized women across the world for International Women’s Day. Though today is no longer the ‘official day,’ we at Family Health decided that today is actually the perfect time to recognize women. We think it is important that women are recognized every single day for their accomplishments versus only celebrating them for only one day out of the year. Women have had such an immense impact on every person’s life whether direct or indirect. Direct impacts have been from those closest to us such as our mothers, daughters, sisters, spouses and other loved ones. Indirect impacts have come from women throughout who’s strength and inspiration have impacted millions of lives over the course of history. It is essential that we recognize all these women for their accomplishments no matter how much it may have affected us personally.

Take some time today and every day going forward to show the women in your life some appreciation, whether that be by a hug to your loved ones or a nice compliment to a coworker. Even strangers deserve a little kindness which they may then transferred on to others. We will continue to appreciate the strength, leadership and inspiration that women have on us every day!