Today, we want to emphasize the importance that smiling has on your life. A smile can do so many good things for you and others that it would be wrong not to make an effort to do it more. If you go about your days making conscious efforts to show your pearly whites, you will train your body to make it more of a subconscious action. Smiles don’t only portray a good mood, they are actually proven to put you in a good mood. Throughout the day, your brain is actually conditioned to produce dopamine when the muscles in your face trigger a smile. Dopamine is the ‘feel-good’ chemical that your brain releases onto your body. It is typically released at any time of satisfaction, and since you naturally smile when you are satisfied with something, your brain is conditioned to release dopamine every time you smile, whether it is genuine or not. So, even if you are in a bad mood, try your best to let out a smile and chances are that you will feel a tad bit better. Any help in progressing your mood is better than staying in a bad one. The better mood that you’re in, the more productive you are. People tend to do better work when they are in good moods. People also tend to become much more approachable when they are smiling, therefore collaboration is more likely to take place. Turn your frown upside down and the only result you can possibly achieve will be beneficial to you and others, no matter the circumstance.

Happy moods are the best moods. Smile today!