Words of Wisdom

Are you on a journey to better yourself? Are you working out, dieting, trying to become more organized or even helping someone else on their path to greatness? If you are doing any of these things, or maybe something else along the lines of improvement, don’t ever quit or back down to the challenges that present themselves to you on the way to your ultimate goals. Always look ahead and never hold on to the hurdles that get in your way. There will always be obstacles on the path to anything you want to accomplish, so always be prepared for them, and figure out how to overcome them. Motivate yourself, hold yourself accountable, and never take a break from your process. Get other people in on your doings so that they can be there to motivate you as they would want you to help them. Never linger on negative outcomes because there is always a something positive in the near future for you, you just have to work to get to it.  Be sure to be there for others, as well. Build people up for their accomplishments, large and small. Positive feedback is the best type of feedback, so if your friend is trying to lose weight, compliment them on their efforts. If they are trying to be more organized, tell them that you are noticing improvement. Depending on how well you know somebody, sometimes a little tough love can be helpful, but always be sure to do it in a constructive way versus being over critical. Pointing out flaws and being negative will do more damage to someone’s goals than help, so if you happen to be critical, build them up, do not deconstruct.

Be excellent to yourself and to your peers every day!