Many people overlook how important breakfast is to their daily health. It is important to understand that breakfast is what gives your body the energy to function from the early morning on into the rest of the day. What many people also don’t know is that it should be your biggest meal. As you eat your meals throughout the day, they should actually slightly decrease in size but still maintain nutritional value. As you need the most energy in the morning, breakfast should be the biggest meal of the three. Many people face time restraints in the morning that limit their intake of breakfast. If this is the case for you, we highly suggest altering your morning schedule to include a good hearty breakfast to start off your day. If this just can’t seem to be done, do your best to have a breakfast to-go, such as a fruit and a healthy granola bar. These can easily be eaten while on the move, therefore you can gobble them up during your transition into your first tasks of the day.

We hope you can implement a large, healthy breakfast into your family’s schedule every day!