Evaluate Your Week

As your first full week in February begins, we thought we would share some words of motivation for those of you who may be having a hard time getting the wheels turning into the new month. As the week is only beginning, we recommend taking some time out of your day to organize and evaluate your week.

Every day is important to accomplishing your goals for this week, so we suggest keeping a checklist of all your tasks that will help you attain those goals. Break down the next 5 days and reevaluate your schedule. Look for slots of time where you aren’t productive and capitalize on that time to be your most productive.  Instead of thinking of your week as 7 days, think of each day as a week. Think about every day individually and prioritize which tasks have to be accomplished for each of those days. Once you have the mindset that each day’s tasks are essential for your weekly goals, be vocal about what you have to do each day with a family member, a friend or a coworker. Once you tell other people exactly what you have to accomplish that day, you will begin to own your tasks and hold yourself accountable for them. If you can’t complete one of your daily tasks within the 24 hours that it is due, make that task your number one priority on the following day. At the end of your week, look at your task list and evaluate whether you’ve completed more tasks than naught. Look at it as a grading scale and record your weekly grades as passing being over 70% task completion or failure being below 70%. Then, figure out exactly where your flaws were the past 7 days and work on those segments of your task list in the following week.

By organizing your schedule and evaluating which tasks need to be done first throughout your week, you will become much more productive throughout longer terms such as the next month, quarter or year. Evaluating your week doesn’t always have to apply to your health habits either. Apply this to your work life, or home life as well to accomplish any goals you have in any scenario. Constantly aim to be more and more productive in everything you do!