Hydration can be the solution to so many of the ailments that you come across on a daily basis. Drinking water can help keep you awake during the day, prevent or minimize the pain of a headache, and even prevent your muscles from cramping on top of many, many other things. As you may participate in a number of different activities throughout the week, proper hydration is essential for any kind of productivity in any of those activities. For example, if you work out before or after work during the week, drinking water during all phases of your workout is necessary to help your muscles function before, during and after whatever type of workout you decide to do. Now, hydration is not drinking manufactured drinks such as soda or energy drinks. We understand that these drinks may give you a burst of energy to get through the day, but they are terribly unhealthy to consume. They contain way too much sugar as well as the very addictive caffeine, both of which are not beneficial to your wellness if consumed in bulk. Water assists your body in the circulation of nutrients and helps your body circulate temperature as well as many other things. Instead of those caffeinated drinks, drink water!

Stay hydrated!