New Years Resolution

We are three weeks into the New Year, which means that by now most people have given up on their New Years resolution that they had set for 2017 and have resorted back to the lifestyle that they originally wanted to change.  Do not let this be you! Here are some helpful hints for keeping your New Years Resolution and making a positive change to your daily life:

1.      Set practical goals- It is easy to get carried away when deciding on your goal for the year, but be mindful of the time you have to reach your goal and any limitations you might have so that in the end you do not end up disappointed because you were not able to reach an impractical goal.

2.     Set specific goals- Many people set the goal of being healthier than they were in the previous year.  While this goal is great, it is not specific which makes it harder to keep track of progress and make changes in your routine to reach your goal.  Instead of just saying that you want to be healthier, make goals like: working out 30 minutes a day or not eating out more than once a week.

3.     Keep track of progress- This might sound obvious, but most people forget to track their changes so they do not see the rewards of their actions. Track progress (good and bad).  This will encourage you to keep pushing for your goal.  

4.     Lastly, tell others about your resolution and the progress you are making- Not only does sharing your resolution with friends and family hold you more accountable, it also creates a support group of people that will push you and be there for you through out your journey.