Weekend Activities

As the Cowboys’ season has sadly come to an end, we are actively looking for new hobbies to keep us occupied on Sundays. Whether those hobbies are to keep us from thinking about our Boys’ last second loss to the Packers, or if they are meant to create better, healthier habits outside of sitting on the couch to watch football, we have some suggestions for some new activities that you can pick up on.

Go on a run! Now that our Cowboys’ season is over, use that 3 hour window on Sundays to get your cardio exercise in for the weekend. If running doesn’t seem appealing, you can always go for a brisk walk. If in the future you decide to go faster, you can always eventually pick up the pace to a jog.

Lift weights. If you are trying to work on building strength and power, weight lifting is a great hobby to pick up. As long as you do your research and know how to correctly lift, this could be a great alternative activity to do on Sundays instead of being a couch potato!

Healthy hobbies are the best hobbies in our opinion, but if exercise is not something you want to do on a Sunday, you can always find other alternative activities that can still boost your wellness such as learning how to cook new, healthier meals! Anything that will help your family’s health and wellness is always a good hobby to pick up on. Try something from our small list of suggestions, or do some readership to find other interesting ideas of hobbies to pick up on!