The Sun is Out

North Texas took a bit of a hit in temperature this past week. We experienced the colder side of our unpredictable weather for a few days, and now we are experiencing warm, sunny days with a breeze to go with them. Although it is not necessarily hot or cold right now, always remember that getting too much sun without the proper precautions is not in your favor.

We are in the middle of a typical Texas “winter,” so many of us are used to the variety of temperatures that come with our weather. As the sun has decided to expose itself this week, many of us gladly absorb its warmth after last week’s cold front. It is important to understand that even though we are not experiencing summertime heat, the sun still shines its UV rays on us all. These UV rays can deliver a lot of damage to your skin and/or eyes, so be sure to protect yourself with some of these simple tips:

– Wear long sleeves
– Wear a hat
– Wear sunglasses
– Wear sunscreen
– Avoid direct exposure for long periods of time

By following some of these basic guidelines, your family’s skin and eyes will stay healthy. Enjoy the weather!