Sore Muscles

Everyone gets sore at some point. Soreness can be fairly painful if you don’t treat your body correctly before and after a good workout. In order to prevent soreness, there are a number of things you can do so you aren’t stuck with stiff muscles for too long.

Before doing exercise, it is important that you warm up your muscles to prevent injury. Stretching before exercise will help loosen up the fibers in your muscles so that you don’t pull anything while exerting them. Also, some light exercises before full exertion will increase blood flow to your muscles as well as loosen them up. In order to avoid as much soreness as possible, it is important to also do some cool down exercise after full exertion as well as some more stretching. If you do happen to still have stiff muscles after working out, icing can be a solution to easing any pain. Putting ice over sore muscles can help reduce soreness or the length of time it lasts. If you are sore going into a workout, try placing a warm rag over sore areas before stretching and warming up.

Be sure to follow this tips to avoid injuring yourself while working out!