When you were young, socks as a present seemed to be the worst of gifts to receive. Now, socks are one of the best things you can get since they always seem to go missing. Not only are socks something we always seem to desperately need in our adult lives, they are essential for proper foot health.

Socks provide the necessary padding your foot needs to absorb shock as you walk around all day. Some pairs even come with extra built in padding for those who have sensitive feet. After all, your feet are the most physically used part of your body every day, so we stress the importance of wearing socks in order to maintain their proper health. Socks also create a barrier between your feet and inner shoe. This protects your skin from chafing against the rough fabric that your shoe is made out of. Since socks are compress against your feet, they act as another layer skin that take any damage caused by friction within your shoes. Lastly, socks help absorb moisture caused by the the hundreds of sweat glands on the soles of your feet, which keeps them cool in warm weather, as well as adding a layer of insulation to keep them warm in cold weather.

If your family wears closed toed shoes, be sure to wear socks within them to keep your feet healthy!