Sinus Infections

Have you ever just had a throbbing headache that feels like it is coming from the front of your head? There is a high chance it was caused by a sinus infection, otherwise known as sinusitis. A sinus infection is the inflammation of the nasal cavities in your face. This can be caused by allergies or even a cold, and can last for weeks.

A sinus infection can cause a yellowish discharge to drop down your nose and even to the back of your throat. It can cause irritation in the back of your throat, which can lead to a heavy cough. Coughing can be more prevalent when you lie down, which ultimately leads to excessive coughing at night as well as when you first wake up in the morning. This discharge can also cause a sore throat on top of your coarse cough.  As these symptoms can be quite painful, it is important to watch out for them in your children. Their immune systems are not nearly as strong as adults as their bodies are still developing, so if any of these symptoms seem to persist, or if a fever develops, do not hesitate to come see one of our family doctors. They will help your family get back in to tip top shape for the holidays!