Cold Weather is Here!

The temperature has finally hit below freezing in North Texas, so it’s time to start wearing warmer clothes and stay indoors as much as you can!

Remember, dramatic changes in temperature such can have an effect on your body’s immune system, so be sure to keep your family warm as these chilly days are now here. Make sure your children wear proper clothing to school, as it is much easier to just take off layers if needed than it is to wish you had something warmer to wear. Make sure to also set a reasonable temperature on the thermostat at home so that your family isn’t shivering the night away. Set a comfortable temperature now that the weather is dropped so that you and your family can get a healthy night’s rest to ensure productivity throughout the days.

It is important to know what parts of your body lose heat the quickest. Think about it this way, the further away from your core, the colder your body is. This consists of extremities and your head. Be sure to wear an extra pair of socks if needed. Gloves are always a good option to have when you spend time outside as well as a warm beanie or scarf. Be prepared for the cold weather to avoid the temporary drop your immune system could potentially have because of it.

Stay warm!