Nail biting

For most, nail biting is a nervous habit done subconsciously in times of stress. Because of this, people usually do not realize that they are doing it. While it might seem like an innocent habit, nail biting can actually be harmful to your health. First, nail biting can cause illnesses. When a person bites their nails they are transferring the bacteria from their unwashed hands straight into their mouths. Second, when someone bites their nails, they usually are also biting the areas around their nails. This can lead to infections that can be very painful. Lastly, nail biting can cause dental problems such as teeth shifting out of position and being worn down.

So how do you stop yourself from biting your nails?

There are many small changes a person can make to end the habit of nail biting. One suggestion is to write down in a journal every time you catch yourself biting your nails and document what you are doing at that moment. This technique can help you discover what causes you to bite your nails, so in the future you can avoid it when possible. Another technique is to put an unpleasant taste on your fingernails like vinegar. This will help condition your body away from biting your nails when you are stressed. Lastly, a person can simply keep their nails short so they are not tempted to bite them.

Stay aware of bad habits for you and your family’s health!