Tobacco Use

Tobacco is bad for your health. Smoking or chewing it can turn into a bad habit that can negatively affect you and your family’s wellness. Whether you smoke or dip, tobacco use can dramatically increase your chances of developing many forms of cancer. It also can have terrible effects on your teeth, gums, and breathing due to direct exposure to your mouth and respiratory system. Secondhand smoke can also negatively affect your family. It can have indirect effects on anybody that is closely exposed to smokers as they inhale much of the secondhand smoke. Thousands of people a year die from health problems due to exposure to secondhand smoke.

In order to avoid the effects of tobacco on your family’s health, be sure to educate your children about how it can affect their lives. Set rules with your friends and family that your home is a non-smoking area. Be sure to make it clear that you do not want to expose your family to tobacco in order for your family to maintain their health!