Clear = Clean

It’s a hot day. The kids have been playing outside and haven’t hydrated all morning. They come back inside and clumsily open the cabinets containing drinking glasses to fill up at the sink. As they switch the cold water faucet on, you can hear the pipes below the counter struggling to function. There is a slight delay until the water slowly pours out. As it fills their cups, it turns looks to be murky and discolored. It even has an odd smell as you put your nose over the glass. Do you let your children drink it? Of course you don’t. Unclear, smelly water is a clear sign that it could have bad effects on your health and wellness. This same concept goes with your urine.

Urinating is your body’s form of getting rid of excess water, salt and chemicals. It does this by filtering toxins out of your blood through the use of your kidneys. Your pee is also a great indicator of what is going on inside your body. It can have diverse colors that all have different signs of what your body is going through. These colors can range from clear to different hues of yellow, or even to a dark green or blue. These can all depend on what your body is consuming. Food coloring and different medications can have different effects on the color of your urine – specifically to blue and green tinted urine. But, know that if you have consistent discoloration or a strong odor to your urine, you should see a doctor. Healthy eating and drinking habits and discolored urine indicate that your body is not functioning correctly. Dark yellow or orange urine can be a sign of dehydration or a problem with your liver. Pink or red urine can indicate blood in your urinary tract. Foamy pee can be a sign that there is protein in your urine, which indicates a problem in your kidney. Be sure to keep an eye out for these signs with your family to ensure their wellness. Teach your children to also be aware of these signs and to keep you updated on their health as well.

Just remember, like drinking water, the more clear your urine, the healthier it is!