Healthy Habits

As kids get older, they need to develop the proper habits required to keep up a good hygiene. It is your job to make sure that they make certain habits a part of their daily life so that they can stay healthy.

Your family needs to wash their hands multiple times throughout the day to avoid spreading germs. Anytime your hands are exposed to dirty surfaces, you run the risk of touching your face without realizing how much bacteria you could be transferring to your eyes, nose or mouth. By washing your hands after they’ve been in contaminated areas, you reduce the risk of getting sick. By continuously telling your kids to wash their hands when they should, they’ll eventually grow into the habit. The best times to wash are especially before meals do to the amount of face touching that is involved while we eat. Washing hands should take at least 20 seconds with soap and water. A good rule of thumb to teach your children is to wash their hands throughout the duration of singing ‘Happy Birthday!’ It’s a fun song even youngsters know, so they can have fun while developing good habits!