Don’t Text and Drive!

We live in a society today where people of all ages seem to be almost physically attached to digital screens – whether it is a computer screen, a TV screen, or the infamous phone screen.  As entertaining and useful as all this technology may be, it can also be very dangerous depending on certain circumstances where they can be distracting from what you are doing such as driving a car.

Though it is not illegal in Texas to be on your phone while driving, it is extremely dangerous. There are actually certain rules in place such as teens under the age of 18 not being allowed to be on their mobile devices while driving as well as how nobody is allowed to use them in school zones or construction zones for obvious reasons.  But, you should implement into your family’s heads and your own that texting and driving is just not a good idea in general.  Statistics show us that one in every four car accidents in the US are caused by texting a driving. In order to put that into perspective, if you are driving at 55 miles-per-hour and take 5 seconds to look down at a text, you could drive the entire distance of a football field while not looking at the road. That is more than plenty of time and room to cause an accident.

Please inform your families not to use their phones while driving. This is just a friendly reminder for you not to do it, but we suggest that you do a little research on the statistics of the dangerous habit. Be safe!