Importance of Home-Cooked Meals

Here at Family Health, we advocate a healthy diet so that your body is functioning at its best. One of the main factors in eating healthy is making your own meals. Our family doctors stress the importance of managing your own diet without having to rely on fast food or other forms of eating out. By going to the supermarket and picking exactly what you want to eat, you know exactly what your body is consuming, which helps you hold yourself accountable for what you eat.

By shopping for groceries, you are in full control of your family’s diet. We suggest doing a little research on the major food groups so that you can be sure to include them into your family’s weekly diet. Sandwiches are always a good option and can be very inclusive when putting together those food groups. Many typically have wheat, protein, vegetables and dairy products if you decide to put some cheese in them. You can always add a fruit on the side, or a serving of juice such as apple juice or fruit juice to substitute as your serving of fruit for that meal. This meal is basic, yet very effective as a lunch at school or at work. It is also significantly cheaper than buying lunch every day, as you are spending less on the groceries than you would if your whole family were to eat fast food every day for lunch! Now, who doesn’t want to save money while also living a healthier lifestyle?

Eat well!