National Brush Your Teeth Day

It’s the day after Halloween! Your house is stocked with bags of candy that were either passed out, or acquired by your children last night. This can only mean that a lot of sugar is bound to be eaten by your family. Luckily, November 1st is officially known as National Brush Your Teeth Day!

As many children are not against scarfing down as much candy as possible as quickly as they can, it is important to let them know the importance of brushing their teeth so that they do not get cavities! Cavities corrode the enamel on our teeth, which can lead to painful exposure to the nerves underneath. As nobody wants to feel pain every time they bite into something, you have to inform your family to brush their teeth at least 3 times a day, especially after eating! Be sure to brush the front and back of your teeth for the best results. Even brushing your tongue can help rid your mouth of germs. Brushing is not the only thing you have to do either to keep up with good oral hygiene. It is essential that you floss after you brush in order to get any food from those hard to reach spaces in between teeth! For extra measures, a good rinse of mouthwash can help kill any germs in your mouth as well. Brushing, flossing and rinsing does not only keep your mouth healthy, it also keeps your breath fresh, too. Your mouth is full of germs that cause bad breath, especially your tongue, so be sure not to leave it out of your oral hygiene ritual!

Now that Halloween is over, be sure to help your family eat all that candy in moderation, as well as keeping up with good oral hygiene!