Happy Halloween!

Halloween is finally upon us! Monday night is meant to be a fun, spooky night for families all over North Texas, so be sure to take the right measures to enjoy the night with yours.

Be sure to supervise your children when trick-or-treating. As the older ones probably don’t want their parents ‘spoiling’ the fun, make sure that they are with a fairly large group of friends. Going door-to-door with a pack of people is much safer than going alone or with a group of 2 or 3. Also, try to convince your kids to head out before dark! This prevents people from getting lost or any accidents occurring due to lack of sight when the sun is down. Always be sure to check your kids’ candy when they get home. Doing these checks prevents any type of ingestion of bad or dangerous products that may have found their way into your child’s candy bag.

Doing these simple safety precautions, as well as others, will ensure a secure, fun Halloween for your family! Happy Halloween!