Child Proofing Your Home

Children are always getting into unwanted mischief at home. Kids seem to almost be magnetically attracted to the floor when we’re not around to supervise them, leading to lots of scrapes and bruises. We don’t want you to be in the comfort of your home, yet always worrying about the next trip to the emergency room because of a careless accident your kids have. Our family doctors have some easy tips for you to try at home to help decrease the amount of instances where horseplay leads to injuries.

Play Zones

Establish certain areas in your house that are designated to playing. Make sure to set very strict rules regarding this area as the only play area in the house to avoid dangerous occurrences. We recommend an open, carpeted area where children are less prone to running into walls or falling into nasty corners. Though carpet isn’t going to save your child from a whole lot of pain, it is much softer than hard wood or tile on an ugly fall. If you don’t have any carpet, try putting a soft rug in the play area that can help soften falls. For obvious reasons, we suggest getting a rug that can easily be replaced!

Child Proof Tools

For very young children, we suggest getting outlet plugs, corner guards and cabinet locks to maximize safety throughout the house. Young kids seem to have and unworldly attraction to outlets. One thing parents never want is to catch their toddler picking at one of these dangerous holes in their walls. We recommend getting outlet plugs for any unused outlets throughout the house so that your little ones are not sticking their fingers or objects in them. Children need to burn off energy throughout the day, so they tend to run around a lot. Corner guards are rubbery bumpers you can stick to sharp corners or edges on table, furniture and counters. They help reduce the amount of instances where kids bump or cut themselves on these edges while carelessly running around. Similar to outlet plugs, we suggest getting cabinet locks so children aren’t rummaging through unsafe cabinets such as medicine or cleaning products. You can purchase cheap, simple locks to avoid any dangerous instances of your children digging through these products. But before getting locks, try your best to find areas where these products are out of reach to maximize security.

We hope these tips are helpful! Stay safe!