Cold Weather Ahead!

Though Fall began last month, we still haven’t really experienced any cool fall weather just yet in North Texas. Well, our warm weather streak should be coming to an end as the first cold front of the season should be hitting us this week. So it is time to pull out the long sleeves and prepare your families for some chilly weather over the course of the next few days!

As we have been seeing 90-degree days throughout October, this cold front should be bringing in daytime highs that will linger around the mid 70s, which can mean chilly mornings and brisk after dark hours the can range from the low 50s to mid 60s. As some could argue that these are nice temperatures, many Texans view these cooler temperatures as a reason to pull the sweaters and pants out from the back of their closets in preparation for winter.

It is important to know that our bodies do not always handle drastic changes in temperature very well. This can cause a temporary period of higher exposure to germs and viruses as your body tries to acclimate to the new weather. During this period, it can be easier for you to get sick as your immune system goes through these changes. Be sure to wear something suitable for the temperatures outside, especially if you are outside in the morning or evening hours when it is cooler. Try to encourage your children to wear layers to school, this way they can stay warm in the early morning, then they can remove their top layers if they get too warm during the day. This can apply to you as well when going to work during the day, as well.

Though daytime temperatures aren’t going to be awfully cold, start unpacking the long sleeves in preparation for the mornings and nights! Stay warm!