As we are on the final stretch of the week going into the weekend, we figured we would weigh in on the importance of stretching your muscles in order to held keep your body healthy throughout the day.

People tend to assume that stretching is always paired with being active. Stretching does not always have to take place with activity. It is actually helpful when you are inactive as well. Think about it. What is the first thing most of us do when we wake up? We stretch! When your muscles are stationary for too long, they can become tense and stiff. Stretching when you wake up will loosen up this tension and help you wake up for the day ahead of you. This can also go along with sitting in a desk all day at work or school, as you are inactive in a sitting position for most of the day, you can grow stiff and tired. Taking a few minutes to stretch throughout the day will keep your muscles from aching, and also wake you up so that you can be more productive.

Now, if you or your family do physical activities, stretching is very important so that you do not injure yourselves. Be sure to always stretch before and after physical activities to avoid torn or pulled muscles. These can be extremely painful, and take a good amount of time to heal. Stretching before activity helps loosen your muscles so that they’re ready to do more work than usual. It also increases blood flow to them so that they are getting the oxygen they need in order to work extra. Stretching after activity is important to keep your muscles from tensing up. Too much tension can be painful, and nobody wants to be extremely sore for the days following a strenuous workout.

Enjoy the last two days of the week, and be sure to take some time to stretch!