Red River Rivalry

It’s OU Texas weekend! One of the biggest NCAA rivalries in the country takes place at the state fair of Texas this weekend in the Cotton Bowl. Thousands of students, alumni and other devoted fans will be attending the fair over the course of the weekend, so it is essential that you keep your family updated on safety measures while you’re on your trip to the fair.

There will be a lot of people up and about at Fair Park. Be sure to let younger children know to stay close to you at all times. It is very easy to get lost in the crowd, especially with all the college students that will be at the fair for the game. Remember, with so many college-aged kids around, there will many intoxicated visitors. This is also something to be aware of while attending the fair. Intoxicated young adults attending a rivalry football game are prone to conflict, so we suggest avoiding them as much as possible for the safety. This also goes for driving to and from the park. To avoid any accidents with the high possibility of drunk drivers, we suggest taking the train to the park. This will reduce your risk of any sort of accidents or collisions with cars while parking or leaving the fair.

Take these tips and stay aware of the happenings around you as you enjoy your weekend at the fair with your family! Be safe!