Bundle Up!

Fall is officially here! Our North Texas heat is beginning to fade away as the days grow shorter and cooler. Although we may spend the majority of our days indoors, remember that our children spend time during recess and P.E. outside during certain hours throughout the week. With the temperature drooping, it is important to make sure to equip your kids with the right clothes so that they do not get cold.

After a summer in the upper 90’s, it seems to get cold much more easily to us Texans. Even a light long-sleeved shirt should be sufficient as the temperatures have not dropped low enough for sweaters and gloves. If your kids walk or ride bikes to school in the morning, be sure to give them something a little warmer to wear for the cooler morning temperatures. Layers are never a bad idea since temperatures do tend to warm up toward the middle of the day, so if your children do end up getting too warm, they can remove their top layers for a more comfortable short sleeve shirt.

A low body temperature can actually cause your child’s immune system to be less effective. This leaves their bodies exposed to pathogens that can make them sick more easily. Now that outside temperatures are dropping, make sure to appropriately bundle them up so that you don’t have to pull them out of school for being sick!

Stay warm!