Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you ever feel a numbness or tingling sensation in your hands? This could be a symptom of a common condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your carpal tunnel is the passageway of tendons and ligaments that begin in your forearms and protect a large nerve travels through your hands. It is located on the palm side of both of your hands and protects the 9 tendons that help move your fingers. Everybody is constantly using their hands during the day, but there are a number of different actions that can cause a lot of strain on the ligaments and muscles around your wrists. Jobs that include a lot of physical labor as well as constant typing or writing can put a lot of stress on your carpal tunnels. Any compression of the nerve within can lead to tingling or numbness and can ultimately lead to the weakening of the muscles in your hands. If left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to permanent muscle and nerve damage.

An easy way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome is simple to rest! Take a look at our post from earlier this week about R.I.C.E. treatment for the best recovery. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication can help take some pain away from the hands and wrists if they get sore as well. Sometimes, if left untreated, surgery may be necessary.

Be sure to take care of your hands and keep them well rested! Avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and keep your family and friends informed so that they don’t suffer from the condition!