The Most Important Meal

Every parent always stresses the importance of their children eating breakfast, but not every parent knows why it is known as the most important meal of the day.

Making sure your family eats breakfast will boost their productivity throughout the day. It increases concentration in the morning when it is sometimes difficult to stay awake. Whether it is concentration at work or school, breakfast is en effective way to be more productive. Skipping the early bird meal can cause a disruption in your appetite throughout the day. This can result in gaining weight due to overeating later in the day with no means of burning off calories. Eating hearty breakfast will give your family energy to burn throughout the day, which will lead to a lighter lunch and an even lighter dinner. Eating too much too late in the day will store calories that won’t be burned off while you sleep, therefore causing a gain in weight that you may not want!

Make sure your family eats a good, healthy breakfast every day. If you have been already, continue to do so. You are the key to your family’s health and wellness!