Himalayan Salt Health Benefits

Everyone is fairly familiar with that funny pink salt on the grocery store shelves known as Himalayan salt, but do you know the beneficial effects it has on your family’s health?

Himalayan salt is over 200 million years old and contains up to 84 minerals that are easily absorbed by the human body. The reason they are absorbed so well is because the minerals in Himalayan salt are in an ionic form, which is molecular. Regular sea salt is colloidal, which isn’t as easily absorbed. This results in literally no digestion for Himalayan salt. The minerals are immediately available for the rest of the body to use because they are absorbed directly into the lining of your stomach, which lessons the effort your body needs to push them through your digestive tract. Unlike regular sea salt, Himalayan salt actually helps hydrate your tissue throughout the body while regular sea salt dehydrates you. It does this by stimulating red blood cells, which boosts the efficiency of your body’s oxygen transportation system. With our North Texas heat still beating down on us,  we will take all the help we can get to for a little rehydration and additional oxygen.

On top of using Himalayan salt in all your family recipes for now on, we also recommend using it in your baths and even drinking water. It helps eliminate and toxins throughout your body, and since it is so easily absorbed, a nice bath can be a soothing way to detoxify, nourish and improve circulation throughout your body.

We will always advocate for strong ways to maintain your family’s wellness, and we think Himalayan salt is too beneficial for their health to pass up!