Backpack Safety

The school year in North Texas is back in session! It’s that time again to send your children off to learn in their cute little outfits and backpacks full of new supplies! As much fun as it can be to buy new things for the little scholars to excel in the classroom, it is important to find the right backpack for your child so that they do not injure themselves going to school every day. After all, they will be carrying it every single day for the next 10 months. Here are a few tips our Dallas doctors have for finding the right backpack for your children:

1.     When searching for a new backpack, be mindful of the padding. Try to choose a bag with good cushioning along the center of the back. It is important to provide support for the spine, especially if your child is carrying lots of books and other supplies to school every day.

2.     Try to find a backpack with wider straps that also have padding along the shoulder side. Wide straps provide the shoulders with more support, and the padding will be more comfortable by putting less stress on them, as well.

3.     A backpack should not contain more weight than that of 20% of your child’s body weight. More than 20% will put too much stress on your child’s back, which can result in a number of short-term and long-term problems. Be mindful of the compartments throughout the backpack. If possible, pack light, and do your best to utilize these compartments. Make sure to place the heaviest items towards the center. This will keep the weight evenly distributed across the back.

We hope your family has a great first week of school! Remember; do not overlook the school supplies you buy for your children. Picking a good backpack is essential to their health!