Olympics Come to a Close

The 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro have sadly officially come to an end. We are sure your family enjoyed sitting on the couch watching our incredible athletes compete in events such as gymnastics, track, swimming, and many more. But now, it is time to turn off the television and get involved!

After watching our U.S. athletes win 121 medals this year, the most won by any country, we hope that they have provided a little physical motivation for your family to be active. With a count of 46 gold medals, 37 silver and 38 bronze medals, the US led in all medal counts. Now, if we were to count Texas athletes alone, they won a staggering 26 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 10 bronze medals! That adds up to more gold medals than the 3rd place country, China, all taken by our Lone Star State. Given those statistics, how can we not enroll our children into athletic programs throughout North Texas in hopes of one day cheering for our very own Olympic athletes?

Involving your children in competitive sports enhances their understanding the concepts of teamwork, leadership, strategic processes and competition. All of which are very important factors that lead to success in the world we live in today. On top of learning key concepts of life, competitive sports keep your family healthy. Sports keep the body in shape by consistently working various muscles required for the given event, whether that sport is swimming, track, football or gymnastics. Staying fit keeps the body healthy by boosting the many systems throughout including the immune system, the cardiovascular system and even the digestive system. All of these are vital to your wellness and that of your family.

We are sad that we cannot watch our superb athletes compete all at once in Rio anymore, but we are ecstatic about the trail of physical inspiration that they have left behind for our North Texas families. Have a great week and stay active!