4 DIY Tips for Preventing Migraines

Have you ever woken up with a throb in your head that caused pain throughout your entire body? Chances are that you’ve had a migraine. Migraines are severe headaches that are typically followed by sensitivity to light and sound, issues with vision, and nausea or vomiting. A migraine can last for days and can cause so much discomfort that it affects a person’s productivity. Our family doctors have a few tips on how to remedy these painful headaches yourself so that your family’s wellness stays intact.

1.     Be well rested. Getting enough sleep helps reduce physical and mental stress. Stress is the root of many health issues, especially migraines.

2.     Drink water. Staying hydrated helps the many systems in the body function properly. Dehydration leads to problems with blood flow throughout the body, which can cause much stress in your head.

3.     Avoid triggers. Everybody is different; so many people have a variety of different triggers from each other. These triggers can range from allergies, physical exertion, and certain foods and drinks. Once you figure out what your body is open to, migraines will be less prevalent in your life.

4.     Exercise! Staying active keeps your body at its physical best and helps with blood flow and stress. Having a regular exercise schedule will ultimately prevent many headaches and migraines from occurring in your body.

Follow these tips to keep your family healthy. We hope they are helpful for you to avoid those painful migraines. Remember, rest, hydrate, avoid triggers, and exercise!