Stay Hydrated!

As the school year approaches, be sure to let your children know to drink lots of fluids with what’s left of our North Texas heat. Though the high temperatures will be dwindling in the coming months, it is important that you and your family stay hydrated to stay healthy!

Dehydration can be very harmful to your body. It can cause you to become dizzy, nauseous, and even confused. Your body can become dehydrated through excessive crying, diarrhea, vomiting, urinating frequently, and sweating. With our hot summer days, you sweat much more frequently than any other time of the year, so your body constantly needs to replenish its fluids. Anytime you or a family member participates in sports or other athletic activities, your body sweats excessively, so it is vital that you drink lots of water when participating in strenuous activity to keep your body healthy!

Since children will be in school soon, our Dallas doctors recommend you pack them an extra water bottle, especially with younger children being exposed to the sun so much during recess hours. With older kids, many extracurricular activities take place outside such as band or organized sports. Be sure to stress the importance of drinking lots of water to replenish their body fluids so that they don’t get sick!

Remember, your family’s health is our number one priority, so stay hydrated!