Get Involved!

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here! As we are sure you have noticed, there are a number of North Texas athletes in Rio de Janeiro competing for gold medals! These athletes are in fantastic shape, and have taken advantage of the countless resources the Dallas area provides to get to the level they are at. With North Texas being one of the best areas in the nation to raise an athlete, we suggest you take advantage by getting your family involved with the incalculable programs across the metroplex.

As our children grow, it is important to preserve their health by keeping them active. Our family doctors, Dr. Pilar Bescos and Dr. Bruce Whitehead, recommend that you sign your kids up for sport if you feel that they are not getting enough exercise. This will lead to your child having the opportunity to learn about different functions of their bodies, and if they are on a team, the importance of teamwork and cooperation among others in order to accomplish goals. These benefits will help keep your child’s mind and body healthy as they grow and develop.

Signing your children up will also help you, as well! Parents who have kids involved in organized sports are more likely to maintain their own physical discipline. In other words, taking your kids to soccer practice 3 times a week will very likely cause you to increase your own personal drive to stay active yourself after watching them develop new skills and abilities.It is in our biology to be competitive, so why not direct your family’s competitive nature into something productive? Keep your children active, and maybe one day we will see them earning gold medals at the Olympics!