Medicine Cabinet Safety

Every home has a certain cabinet or drawer that contains all of our medical needs. These needs can be in the form of bandages, ointments, over the counter medication and prescription medications. It is very important to be aware of the possible dangers that this medicine cabinet can create if overlooked.
Your medicine cabinet can host a number of hazards to you, your children, or your pets. To keep your health and your family’s at the least amount of risk, do the following to avoid any potential problems your medicine cabinet can cause:
1. Throw out any expired medication. Expired ingestible medications or ointments all pose a risk to the wellness of your family. Get rid of them to eradicate the problem before it happens.
2. Be sure not to mix medications. Keep your medicine in the containers they came in. Mixing pills or other medicine can be very dangerous or even fatal if taken.
3. If you can, keep your medicine cabinet in an area that your kids or pets can’t reach. This prevents a whole number of problems that can be caused if they stumble upon your medication.
4. If you can’t find an area that is out of reach, keep all of your medicine containers sealed tight. This will also prevent your children or pets from easy access to any over the counter medicine or prescriptions they shouldn’t be ingesting.
5. If your cabinet doesn’t have a lock on it, consider getting some sort of child lock as an added measure of security. The more secure your medicine cabinet, the better!

Please be mindful of where you store your medicine! A secure medicine cabinet will always result in a safer home!