Laugh More

Laughter is a disease. It is a contagious, yet joyous disease that people are overwhelmed with that is caused by entertaining events or communication. It is a disease that people desire to be infected with. It is a disease that is beneficial to you and your family’s wellness.

Laughter relaxes the body, which in turn, lessens the amount of stress people have in their lives. Less stress leads to all sorts of positive effects on your health. Laughter also improves the function of your blood vessels, ultimately leading to a better functioning cardiovascular system. It boosts your immune system as well by increasing the production of antibodies and immune cells. This causes your body to have a better chance of fighting off disease. Laughter also releases endorphins, which results in a vast sensation of happiness throughout your body.

Laughter can derive from a vast number of things. These things range from jokes, stories, memories or just seeing something humorous happen. Keep laughter in your life by continuing to expose yourself to these types of events. Create good memories with your friends and family. Tell jokes to your loved ones and infect them with your humor so that they can reap the benefits laughter brings to their lives. Help others by putting smiles on their faces the same way you would want someone to put a smile on yours. Continue to enjoy the small things in life. Remember, laughter will help you in the long run, so stay joyful and put a smile on!