Chilly Weather

Though it has already begun to snow in some parts of the country, it is only just starting to feel like Autumn here in Texas! The temperature is slowly dropping, and some days there is even a bit of a nip in the crisp autumn air. Many of us relish the change of seasons, but for some, this change in the weather presents an obstacle to the warm, outdoor workouts we’ve gotten used to. With the delicious foods, drinks, and rich treats that come along with cooler weather, maintaining an exercise routine is as important as ever. Whether you are a swimmer, runner, outdoor walker, or enjoy another form of outdoor exercise, you may find yourself in need of a new workout plan. For this reason, gyms across North Texas often see an uptick in membership come the cooler months. You may find it easiest to simply move your outdoor activities indoors to a track or pool within a gym. This may also be a great opportunity to try out some new forms of exercise, such as group fitness classes or weight-lifting. If your schedule finds you hard pressed for time, a home workout may be another great option. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor before starting an exercise plan for the very first time, and make sure to stay healthy and hydrated while exercising!