Take a Walk!

Though the weather can’t quite be considered cool yet, evenings in North Texas are becoming more enjoyable each day. This makes it a great time of year to focus a little more on your health. Any doctor will back up the benefits of participating in good cardio exercise. But did you know that research shows that walking offers many of the same health benefits as running? Walking regularly can decrease your risk for hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease. As an added perk, adding a frequent brisk walk to your schedule may even help you to maintain a healthy weight. Though running, sports, and strength training each have their individual advantages, fitting a walk into your day is sometimes much easier. You don’t need a team, a gym, or any fancy equipment. Furthermore, if you’ve ever had a sports or joint injury, walking is much gentler on your body than some of these other activities. By walking with family, friends, or even your dog, you can also engage in social activity while doing something great for your body. Consider taking a walk around your neighborhood and enjoying the weather tonight!