As the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex has a fairly large amount of colleges and universities, we understand the importance of sleeping and rest for students as they study for hours on end throughout their weeks. What many young adults don’t realize is that there is a proper method to napping in regards to productivity. Students tend to think that long undisturbed naps help them regenerate their energy and brainpower. As we always advocate for lots of rest, it is only recommended when it is necessary. Students have so much going on in their schedules that long naps can actually hurt them more than benefit them. If someone sleeps for too long during the day, it can impact how much sleep they receive during the night, which can ultimately create more problems with drowsiness the following day. It is important to know that a nap should be short. We recommend a student takes 1-2 20-minute naps during their day. Whether those naps fall between classes or during a study break, short naps help replenish energy and brainpower as they are not too long to create leftover drowsiness, yet it is enough time for your brain and body to fall into complete rest. Giving yourself these short naps will help boost productivity during the day without impacting your nightly sleep schedule.

Be sure to balance your study time with rest and success will be right around the corner! Sleep well!