Ear Infections          

An ear infection can be a long, painful process. It is caused by swelling in the Eustachian tubes, which are located in your middle ear behind the eardrums and lead to the your throat. Blockage can lead to a buildup of fluid in the area. Blockage can be caused by a number of things: bacteria, a sinus infection, a cold, and allergies. These are only a few things that can lead to swelling in the Eustachian tubes. When this happens, it can be very painful for those affected.

Common symptoms include the feeling of pressure in your ear, discomfort and pain, drainage, and even hearing loss. If you or a family member seem to have any or multiple of these symptoms, it is very likely that it is an ear infection.  Treatment consists of very simple things to do. Be sure to place a warm cloth over the affected ear. Also, take any over the counter pain medication to neutralize any discomfort. These can be oral or in the form of eardrops.

Come see one of our family doctors if you think you have n ear infection. Since they can potentially have long term effects on your ears, it is important to get them diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible.